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  Hello , February 2017  
Fab Lab Connect Launched its First School Fab Lab
In Partnership with Saint Joseph High School in Brooklyn, New York

Fab Lab Connect is happy to announce the recent inauguration of a School Fab Lab at Saint Joseph High School in Brooklyn, NY. The students at Saint Joseph High School now have access to a variety of machines––such as a 3D Printer, a 3D Scanner, a Vinyl Cutter, a CNC Milling Machine, and a VR Station––that will enable them to create their own objects, learn about digital fabrication, and contribute to the global Fab Lab network. Their teachers are being trained in digital design and fabrication.

Fab Lab Connect would like to thank the community including the Educators, Staff, Students, and all those who contributed to make this dream a reality.

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Fab Lab Connect Brings School Fab Lab Program to the Community

Young women at Saint Joseph High School plan to revolutionize the field of digital design and fabrication techology. 3D printing and Virtual Reality are used as tools for education unlike ever before.  

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1000 Fab Labs in Over 97 Countries!

We are thrilled to announce that the Fab Lab network has expanded so widely over a decade that there are now 1000 Fab Labs in over 97 countries! Hard to believe that the first Fab Lab was opened in 2001.

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Interview Of Our Co-Founder Simone on French TV

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In Memory:
Seymour Papert | MIT Media Lab

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